Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Mom's been busy lately. She hasn't had time to log us onto our web log. She is often at something called "PT." And of course there is always "work" that takes up so much of her time. We wish she would stay at home with us all day and lay around. We think she wishes that too sometimes.

Rod and Jimmy


Timmy said...

hmm... PT could mean a lotta things Rod and Jimmy. It could stand for Private Time, Poopy Time, Poodie Tats, oh the list is endless...wonder what it really means?

Larry said...

"PT" could be Party Time, but I don't think that is what Jimmy and Rod mean. My dad is supposed to have PT for his bad shoulder, but somebody won't approve it for him, and he is mad about that. In his case, I don't think PT stands for Party Time at all.