Saturday, June 04, 2005

Great Day Yesterday!

Rod: Yesterday Mom decided it was "stay in your pj's all day and do nothing day!" it was awsome. she didn't leave the house, and we got to hang out with her all day. we liked that. it's not normally something she can do, but she decided that she needed a restful day.
Jimmy: Of course, I slept all day... and then kept Mom up that night trying to play! Can't she learn that we are nocturnal?


William said...

We love days like that, too. I'm going to suggest this to my mom.

one of us said...

OOOhhh our favorite kind of days. They don't happen very often around here, i believe the term Mom uses is 'once in a blue moon'. Personally we have never seen the mooon turn blue, but obviously Mom has once or twice. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko