Sunday, July 24, 2005

Gosh It's Hot!

Rod: We haven't been doing much around the house... this summer in Michigan has been horribly humid. Mom doesn't have air conditioning, so we make do with lots of fans. We only run around at night. (It keeps Mom awake!) She says maybe next year we will have enough money for air conditioning. We're just happy she has us, we don't need the a.c.!
Jimmy: Mom has been feeding me special food. The VET (I hate that man) came and told Mom that I am underweight. So, every night I get to go in a room all by myself and get special food because Rod is too fat and doesn't need special food. Rod weighs 15 pounds (and really isn't fat, just BIG)... I only weigh 9 pounds. The vet said if I lose another 1/2 pound then we will have to see if something is wrong. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Keep cool guys! Make sure you eat all of your food Jimmy - don't make your mom worry!

Buzzerbee & meep

one of us said...

Your Mom knows she is lucky to have you two, a.c. or not... :) ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

Larry said...

I get to come inside and eat special food too. Then if I don't eat it all, dad puts my special food out with the other cats. That upsets me, so I stick my head in the bowl and eat it so the other cats can't.