Thursday, August 25, 2005

Nice Schedule

Rod: Now that Mom has a new job...we have a great schedule! It's so nice! Yesterday Mom came home from work 4 hours early because the power went out at work, and we were SO surprised! We didn't even come out to greet her when she came in! Of course, once we realized she was home, we harrassed her for food... but she made us wait till the normal time.
Jimmy: I am still consistently knocking all the stuff off of mom's shelves at night. She keeps putting more and more on them, and I still keep knocking it all down! HAHA!


Edsel/The Pooch said...

rod, maybe you should give some of your gut to jimmy??? just a thought...doesn't your Mom get mad when you knock stuff off shelfs so early in the mornin'? my Mom would 'probly squirt me with a waterygun.

one of us said...

Good job Jimmy...Rod-poodies with floofy guts rule!!! (I should know) ~Merlin