Saturday, January 21, 2006

Lonely and Confused

Jimmy: Rod has now spent two nights away from us. I'm confused about what is going on. I miss my brother. My mom is going to write some more now....

Rod has apparently ate something he should not have. The vet has tried putting barium down the front end, and has done an enema from the back end.... as of yesterday afternoon, no luck. His xrays show that he has a large amount of stool that doesn't seem to be moving. So, unless this enema and barium work, it looks like they will have to go in there to get stuff out. I am going this morning to visit him, and to see the vet and get an update. I'm worried. I miss my baby, too. Jimmy is confused and is not eating. Jimmy needs to eat, he is already underweight. I hope that Rod can come home soon. I'm crossing my fingers that he somehow passed whatever it is overnight and can come home soon. Keep us in your thoughts. -Erinn, Mom to Rod and Jimmy

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