Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another Day in Paradise

Rod: It's been a lazy, lazy day. Mom left (as usual) and Jimmy and I had all the neighborhood cats over. We wanted to show them that despite my recent illness, we were still the hot spot party place. So, we entertained for a bit, then all fell into a blissful sleep for the next 8 hours. We snuck the guests out just as mom was walking in. Thank God for those easy to open sliding windows! And now we're just logging in for a bit of a browsing session.
Jimmy: While Rod was sleeping, me and a couple of our guests raided the catnip stash. I figured out how easy it is to get into the cupboards and eat through the plastic container that Mom puts that stuff in. So, I've been higher than a kite all afternoon :) Think I'll head back for more once she's asleep.

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